Our employees’ job satisfaction and ability to perform their works with a high motivation is important for us. We carry out continuous research in order to create an infrastructure to be able to achieve this goal. To give the group the correct work force that shares our values;

To support the bringing up of such employees who are held up as examples due to their knowledge and experience and specialised in their own respective fields;

To apply a fair and consistent waging system which considers the work size, contribution to work, knowledge/skills and competencies in rewarding our employees and which complies with the conditions of the present day;

To ensure that continuous and high performance culture to settle in the company;

To establish and develop any tools which shall ensure the employees of the group to keep office in proper location, at proper position and at proper time at home and abroad;

To continuously develop an organisational structure which may quickly adapt to changes and requirements in order to strengthen the group’s position in the industry;

To create global opportunities, thus bringing up and ensuring the movement of such managers and management candidates who have a rich work experience
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