With the support of the chemical communication's power, we are taking firm steps towards our goal to become a leading company in the industry, by delivering the adhesives and seallants we produce in our homeland, Turkey, to the four corners of the world. Rez-Kim was astablished by Yuda KAVLO. Sotaş A.Ş. Was established and Acquired Rez-Kim. A licence agreement was executed with Tivoli of Germany. Production of PU based sole adhesive started. A licence agreement was executed with Forbo of Germany. Sotaş A.Ş. was started to export. Sotaş A.Ş. was acquired by Duyar A.Ş. Products of Kömmerling of Germany started to be sold. Otoyat was acquired and production of sealants started. Sotaş become a licensed manufacturer for Kommerling company. Sotaş's factory moved to İzmir. Production of shoe finishing materials started.
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